Work Outfit 3-3-14 [Plus, Surprise gift tote!]

  • black tunic top
  • burgundy fringe scarf
  • black triangle necklace
  • burgundy and black geometric printed skirt (details are a bit fuzzy due to substandard camera. apologies.)
  • black leggings
  • tan crew socks
  • cognac combat boots

Plus, as a surprise, I received a super gorgeous Hannibal/Will Graham-inspired tote bag in the mail from the glamorous wollercoaster (Annie)! 

Certainly a superb late addition to today’s outfit! 

But God damn I looked good.

I decided to dress up today for a couple reasons. It was Open Mic Night at work today and it was Valentines Day. I wore my new red dress shirt and the burgundy faux leather jacket with some dark blue Levi’s and black boots. I thought of it as another experiment in tonal dressing. Apparently I pulled it off. I got a handful of compliments.

AT&T National Pro-Am Work Outfit - 2/5/14

  • Black v neck tee shirt
  • Black skinny jeans
  • Black red and grey scarf
  • My crappy black and grey boots